Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Uno Percento...week 4

I read about the 1 percenters in Citizen Marketers over the weekend, and it is amazing to me how all of the content on the internet is really done by 1 percent of the people who have access to it. I am now apart of that 1% and to be honest, I feel a bit like an elitist. My simple writing of a blog posting puts me in the upper echelon of web users and blog readers, because 99% just consumes what's already out there.

I think its incredible also that there are 94.1 million US blog readers in 2007 (50% of Internet users but only 22.6 million bloggers.

Maybe all those people are too busy reading to make their own posts?? maybe?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Busy Busy Busy...week 4

Wow so this week was ridiculous! I know we aren't supposed to give a "run-down" of what we did but I feel like it's lightweight necessary this time...hopefully this is as exciting of a read as it was to live out lol Well in PRSSA this week, we had our first webinar, where our speaker, Julie Cajigas of Near West Theatre in Cleveland, presented via iChat. I coordinated the whole thing, but because I was singing with the University Singers in Toledo, I wasn't able to be there for the actual presentation. Sad day (because I couldn't go:( ), but I heard very good things, and I'm glad all the technology worked well. 

Also this week started the campaigns for Homecoming King and Queen and I had to take the photos to make flyers for Kendra and Gabriel, the nominees from the BSU. That shoot was fun, but it took a good amount of time. I think the pictures came out well though :)

Also this is the week we are voting for Student Senate reps, and currently I am the only person running for 3 Senate seats to represent the University Apartments...oh man!

And this wednesday, I will be taking the College JEOPARDY! test, so wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why Professor Agozzino doesn't get the new Windows commercials...week 4

So I was perusing the web and came across this incredible blog posting by John Gruber . In the posting he breaks down Windows' attempt at rebranding and how they always arrive at the same message: nothing.

Amazing! As an avid Mac/Apple fan, I love reading and hearing about more reasons why Windows just doesn't make the cut. As seen in the new videos , Windows takes themselves too serious and it is one of their most detrimental flaws. People go to Apple because they fit the life style, the ingenuity, the usability that they are searching for. Compare the "I'm a PC" commercials to those of the "Mac vs. PC" and inevitably you'll find yourself glancing at the one, and watching the whole series of the other.

Apple is the new E.F. Hutton !!!!

...minus the money laundering, check kiting, and wire fraud of course.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Article of the day! week 3

This may have some errors in it factually and a few politically incorrect phrases but it seems to be dead on when discussing the priorities of our current Administration...

A little behind...week 1,2,3

Whoa! So I just realized that I am three weeks into this quarter already!! In order to catch up with my class and not get really behind, I have to do a quick synopsis of the readings so far. The books for our class are The New Rules of Marketing and PR (NRPR), New Influencers (NI) and Citizen Marketers (CM).

NI- This book is primarily about the blogosphere and how bloggers have taken their position as the new influencers of public opinion. Many of today's A-list blogs' origins are talked about in this book, including Engadget, Boing Boing, Gizmodo, Lifehacker and the Consumerist. I think one of the things that sets the tone for the information discussed in this book is the first story about Vincent Ferrari. I am a bit ashamed to say that I had never heard of this situation before reading this book (I was in the summer after my freshman year when the AOL incident occurred) but being aware of it now, I decided to google (an actual verb now) Vincent and see what currently pops up. The first listing is the wikipedia entry on Vincent Ferrari, second is a YouTube video interview with him and third is the actual posting on the Consumerist from 2006!

CM- This book is amazing! The stories read like a book for leisure, not a textbook. I really like that the different types of citizen marketers are broken down into Filters, Fanatics, Facilitators and Firecrackers. The alliteration makes it so much easier to remember. I wouldn't mind being more of a Facilitator personally, because as it is explained in the book, they are the most independent of a company or product. Facilitators create online communities around and get more people involved, and I think that's more my speed. Firecrackers are "one-hit wonders" who get an enormous amount of attention for one instance and are virtually never heard from again. Fanatics are a given, bloggers who are incredibly taken with a company/product/service or whatever, and blog like it's their job about it. Finally, filters just shuttle the information, they maintain objectivity, and do not analyze, but leave the opinion building to the reader.

NRPR- I haven't had as much time to delve into this one yet, but CONGRATS to Amber for having the author of the book to post on her blog!! That is amazing, and it shows how small the blogosphere really is!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I have never wished I was in a class soo bad...week 3

Ok so because I am somewhat of a dork (as I proved to Amber and Madison earlier today by knowing what "preening" and "vigilance" are) I decided to sit in on Prof. Walton's Political Communication class yesterday. I WANT TO ADD IT SOOOOO BAD!!! but I can't because registration ended already and it would put me one credit over the allotted 18, which means I would have to pay more.
I would though, because I learned so much in the two hours I sat in their class. The students are engaging in conversation, actual intelligent dialogue!, on the election, the candidates campaigns, their communication approach, and how they have used social media in their campaigns. Not to mention, most of them know what they are talking about!!! The class consists of both student republicans and democrats, but even party disagreements do not impair their ability to engage in intelligible discussion. It might be because it's a 300 (400?) level course but it is rare indeed to find a class so intent on learning and so interested in the course subject matter. I was lightweight shocked! Shoot, even the professor was shocked lol!
Also, Today is the Harambe (Kenyan for "let's come together") Festival at 5 p.m. at the multicultural center!! Stop by and check out the multicultural organizations and meet some great people!
UPDATE! 9-19-08: I am officially in Comm 421, Political Communication!! I got in today right before class, which starts at 3:00 and I can already tell this is going to be an excellent way for me to end my weeks...Thanks Prof. Walton!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Art straight to the Public week 2

How great is it that Damien Hirst is selling his art directly?

Monday, September 15, 2008

There's Nothing new under the sun...week 2

Elementality beat me to it...darn

Lil Experimentation action...week 2

Ok, so I was going to write another blog on the happenings at ONU, but as I was thinking about what to say, I decided to see how close to the top my blog comes up in a google search. I started with my name, got a bunch of stuff about a radio personality and a welsh minister from the 20th century. Next I tried adding "onu". Here I got some old Black History Month schedule of events from ONU's page, with me as the contact person and president of BSU, so that's about 2 years old. Last, I decided my name and "blog" (did I ever mention I hate saying that word?) and "onu". Not even in the first ten pages!!! So then I tried Elementality, thinking that it's a fairly unique name and I should get some hits for it...failure. Apparently Bam Margera did a couple skate video with that name, so much for my origimentality (I know that isn't a word).
So, having gone through that bit of heart break and after hearing Aaron Brown tell us about a friend of his who got his brand to the top of a Google search, I have decided to try a little experiment. The tags for this blog (bleah) will feature none other than my name, ONU, and Elementality...hope this works:\
2:32 p.m....it worked when searching "Evan Elementality" so I'm adding "blog"...yuck

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oops...week 2

Ok, so I know I have already mentioned Kanye in this blog b4, and I do not want this to become a pattern but things just continue to parallel between his goings on and this class. While reading chapter 1 in The New Influencers, I came across this quote,
"Another truth with the blogosphere is that transparency is key to working in this medium."

One of the large draws to Kanye's blog has been that he ran the blog himself, besides all the cool art and cars and designs and such. But with his being arrested (right ater I quoted him too, loser!) there was no conceivable way he could update it from jail. And this is where it gets fishy.
So what's the relevance? Well, in July when the issue of him having a "ghost blogger" initially arose, Kanye could have came out with it and said something like, "I have an assistant who adds, makes posts and whatever else because this blog is far too extensive to be maintained by one person. To stay ahead of the times and get everything I want on here, my assistant and I work together to keep new posts coming."

Simple, two sentences. Instead, he denied that he had any help and posted pictures of himself infront of the blogging, supposedly updating it. It was already hard to believe that he finds all this stuff alone, but to think that he would have the time to make every post and comment on them, and comment on what other people comment, and add three posts from jail, is ridiculous.
So now it's out there. What would the proper PR response be to regain the lost credibility? Is the blog showing any negative effects of this incident? Has anyone even noticed? The only comment about him even going to jail on Kanye's a promise that he'll rant later...umm thanks?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I didn't want this to be a new post but whatever...

"And I will say-I've got to be careful here to make sure my publishers don't get mad, because all this stuff is converging precisely at the time when I'm bringing a book out and obviously publicity is go-that I have always been suspicious of our celebrity culture. And now I find myself in this odd position where I am a part of it, and to some degree a beneficiary of it. We cycle through the new and novel, and stack story after story on top of individuals, until we lose track of who we're talking about. And if you get absorbed in that you lose track of who you're talking about."
I posted this on facebook in February because at that time I was looking for ways to not support Obama and in this transcript of an interview, it talks about his relationship with Sen. Robert Byrd. My original reasoning was, can we really trust a black senator who hangs out with other senators who voted against civil rights legislation numerous times, and has been quoted using derogatory terms for blacks in pubic? But obviously my feelings have changed and I think his relationship with Robert Byrd is of as much consequence as his relationship with Jeremiah Wright. 
In this quote, Obama expresses his own concerns about celebrity status, almost an entire year before McCain's oh-so-clever Paris/Britney (Brittany, Brittney however you spell that girl's name) commercials. Reminiscent of John Quincy Adams vs. Andrew Jackson, this election is between a writer and a fighter. The difference is, this time the writer is playing the noble politics, and has the people's attention, and the fighter is quite frankly, tired.

I am exhausted (and dirty) from mudslinging! week 1


I wish articles like this never had to be written. Not that I dislike this article, I actually think the whole football referee theme was pretty clever, and it's concise and informative. However, why should a journalist even find it necessary to have to blow the whistle on campaign ads and presidential nominees? I've been reading A Funny Thing Happened on my way to the White House and I must say this ridiculous smearing of opponents has gone on long enough. If John McCain really wanted to convince me and younger generation voters like me that he's for "change", he'd spend less time downing Obama and more time talking about himself, his stances, and why he should get our vote. Like one of the greatest philosophers, humanitarians, and musical artist of the modern era (Kanye West) said, "I’m just not into that. You notice I never say anything to bring a person down? I never down a black man trying to get his money. I never down people to big myself up - I just big myself up!" Why can't politicians be as smart as rappers???

I think it is very important for both presidential candidates to not only speak on issues commonly discussed, but also bring light to issues that are not at the forefront of political discussions, like new technological advances to assist the practice of medicine and education and how government can get such technologies into schools and hospitals, or maybe a plan to implement financial responsibility education in elementary and middle schools? Or how much sense would it make for a candidate to have themed months for talking about specific issues, and make those months align with the issues of the states they are visiting? Or instead of buying ad time, buy actual broadcasting time and host your own special edition of a news show, to have complete control of the message you present? I think candidates often get far too caught up in what is being said about them, and not caught up enough in what the are actually saying. But that's why I'm in college right?

p.s. I do not really think Kanye is a great philosopher, but the quote was appropriate none the less.
p.p.s. Who would honestly vote for a person who compares them self to a pit bull?

Second day of class:) week 1

So today was the second day of classes and I feel like I will have a fairly challenging quarter. I had to switch from Prof. Agozzino's Business and Professional to allow room for University Singers, of which I love being apart, but I am also on a talent scholarship and participation in the music program is a requirement. So I added and will be starting tomorrow, Interviewing, with Prof. Bill Asman, of whom I am a pretty big fan! Plus I think my interviewing skills could use some...sharpening. Also in Singers, we are doing this piece, Gustav Mahler's Symphony No.2, and the bass part is extra low...like in the basement lol. Performing it with the Toledo Symphony will be great though, I haven't done anything on that level since being in Cleveland Orchestra Youth Chorus in high school.

Tomorrow is going to be a pretty big day. Not only is it my birthday (21 OH YEAH!), but I will also be presenting my first speaker as Vice president of ONU's chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). Aaron Brown will be coming and I and a good amount of other chapter members are very excited, he kicks off the year very well for us here at Northern. Also the Office of Multicultural Development is hosting the Opening the Way Reception, for international and minority student organizations, and this is a very nice event for the beginning of the year. We have the presidents of all the multicultural student organizations doing a short speech, and also Ken Baker, the president of the University, will be saying a few words. I love seeing all of the organizations come together for evenings like this and there is sure to be good food! Who's excited?? This guy!

All in all, this is shaping up to be an amazing year, and I am really getting excited about the things to come.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Welcome Back! week 1

I am back at Ohio Northern, the place I have chosen to attend college and I must say I'm excited. Today was the first day of school, and I had three classes, from 12-5, totaling 7 hours of mind-massaging, brain- tingling college excitement. My first class is with Dr. Stephen Iseman, PR Research. IT (Prof. Agozzino DOESN'T like us using words like IT, A LOT, contractions etc. but since this is a blog and very informal, we can and I might just capitalize them every time I do IT for added hilarity) was pretty cool, HE'S very laid back and interesting to listen to, and the class will be very hands-on, which is the primary way I learn. I also had Business and Professional Speaking, also with Agozzino, and I think that should be an o.k. class too. I just hope she DOESN'T make IT more difficult than IT has to be, she enjoys making students suffer (I'm only joking). This class is Social Media, and IT'S from 1-4:50, awesome!! So I'm only two hours in, and not bored, so THAT'S a plus. I just really would like to eat...A LOT!!