Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I am exhausted (and dirty) from mudslinging! week 1

I wish articles like this never had to be written. Not that I dislike this article, I actually think the whole football referee theme was pretty clever, and it's concise and informative. However, why should a journalist even find it necessary to have to blow the whistle on campaign ads and presidential nominees? I've been reading A Funny Thing Happened on my way to the White House and I must say this ridiculous smearing of opponents has gone on long enough. If John McCain really wanted to convince me and younger generation voters like me that he's for "change", he'd spend less time downing Obama and more time talking about himself, his stances, and why he should get our vote. Like one of the greatest philosophers, humanitarians, and musical artist of the modern era (Kanye West) said, "I’m just not into that. You notice I never say anything to bring a person down? I never down a black man trying to get his money. I never down people to big myself up - I just big myself up!" Why can't politicians be as smart as rappers???

I think it is very important for both presidential candidates to not only speak on issues commonly discussed, but also bring light to issues that are not at the forefront of political discussions, like new technological advances to assist the practice of medicine and education and how government can get such technologies into schools and hospitals, or maybe a plan to implement financial responsibility education in elementary and middle schools? Or how much sense would it make for a candidate to have themed months for talking about specific issues, and make those months align with the issues of the states they are visiting? Or instead of buying ad time, buy actual broadcasting time and host your own special edition of a news show, to have complete control of the message you present? I think candidates often get far too caught up in what is being said about them, and not caught up enough in what the are actually saying. But that's why I'm in college right?

p.s. I do not really think Kanye is a great philosopher, but the quote was appropriate none the less.
p.p.s. Who would honestly vote for a person who compares them self to a pit bull?

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Kenny "Anon Doulos" Roberts said...

I agree dude, Politicians spend too much time making diss tracks and not enough time spitting what they believe. For the non-hiphoppers, too much time talking about and disrespecting one another instead of using the platform that they have to state why they're the best candidate to provoke change in America. This is a country that needs much change and the most popular issues are the ones that I think have the least affect in the long run, marriage rights for GSLTB or however they describe the acronym. Let them marry if they want, I honestly don't really care. How are we going to fix this economy, thats what I want to know. How are you going to establish your own house if you're constantly over on someone else's property looking for building violations in the house they're building? Not possible, no progress is made this way. Stop lookin in someone else's toilet and worry about your own poop!