Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I didn't want this to be a new post but whatever...

"And I will say-I've got to be careful here to make sure my publishers don't get mad, because all this stuff is converging precisely at the time when I'm bringing a book out and obviously publicity is go-that I have always been suspicious of our celebrity culture. And now I find myself in this odd position where I am a part of it, and to some degree a beneficiary of it. We cycle through the new and novel, and stack story after story on top of individuals, until we lose track of who we're talking about. And if you get absorbed in that you lose track of who you're talking about."
I posted this on facebook in February because at that time I was looking for ways to not support Obama and in this transcript of an interview, it talks about his relationship with Sen. Robert Byrd. My original reasoning was, can we really trust a black senator who hangs out with other senators who voted against civil rights legislation numerous times, and has been quoted using derogatory terms for blacks in pubic? But obviously my feelings have changed and I think his relationship with Robert Byrd is of as much consequence as his relationship with Jeremiah Wright. 
In this quote, Obama expresses his own concerns about celebrity status, almost an entire year before McCain's oh-so-clever Paris/Britney (Brittany, Brittney however you spell that girl's name) commercials. Reminiscent of John Quincy Adams vs. Andrew Jackson, this election is between a writer and a fighter. The difference is, this time the writer is playing the noble politics, and has the people's attention, and the fighter is quite frankly, tired.

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