Thursday, September 18, 2008

I have never wished I was in a class soo bad...week 3

Ok so because I am somewhat of a dork (as I proved to Amber and Madison earlier today by knowing what "preening" and "vigilance" are) I decided to sit in on Prof. Walton's Political Communication class yesterday. I WANT TO ADD IT SOOOOO BAD!!! but I can't because registration ended already and it would put me one credit over the allotted 18, which means I would have to pay more.
I would though, because I learned so much in the two hours I sat in their class. The students are engaging in conversation, actual intelligent dialogue!, on the election, the candidates campaigns, their communication approach, and how they have used social media in their campaigns. Not to mention, most of them know what they are talking about!!! The class consists of both student republicans and democrats, but even party disagreements do not impair their ability to engage in intelligible discussion. It might be because it's a 300 (400?) level course but it is rare indeed to find a class so intent on learning and so interested in the course subject matter. I was lightweight shocked! Shoot, even the professor was shocked lol!
Also, Today is the Harambe (Kenyan for "let's come together") Festival at 5 p.m. at the multicultural center!! Stop by and check out the multicultural organizations and meet some great people!
UPDATE! 9-19-08: I am officially in Comm 421, Political Communication!! I got in today right before class, which starts at 3:00 and I can already tell this is going to be an excellent way for me to end my weeks...Thanks Prof. Walton!!!


Professor Alisa Agozzino said...

I had Walton come down and read your post....You made her day!

B M Vany said...

Don't personally care for politics myself...but any class that J-Walton teaches is ok in my book!

And yes Evan you are a geek for scrambling to add another class this late in the quarter. And for carrying your computer everywhere, and for wearing prom tux style vests with jeans, and most importantly for hanging out with me! Detroit here we come!

Vany out!