Monday, September 15, 2008

Lil Experimentation action...week 2

Ok, so I was going to write another blog on the happenings at ONU, but as I was thinking about what to say, I decided to see how close to the top my blog comes up in a google search. I started with my name, got a bunch of stuff about a radio personality and a welsh minister from the 20th century. Next I tried adding "onu". Here I got some old Black History Month schedule of events from ONU's page, with me as the contact person and president of BSU, so that's about 2 years old. Last, I decided my name and "blog" (did I ever mention I hate saying that word?) and "onu". Not even in the first ten pages!!! So then I tried Elementality, thinking that it's a fairly unique name and I should get some hits for it...failure. Apparently Bam Margera did a couple skate video with that name, so much for my origimentality (I know that isn't a word).
So, having gone through that bit of heart break and after hearing Aaron Brown tell us about a friend of his who got his brand to the top of a Google search, I have decided to try a little experiment. The tags for this blog (bleah) will feature none other than my name, ONU, and Elementality...hope this works:\
2:32 worked when searching "Evan Elementality" so I'm adding "blog"...yuck

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