Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oops...week 2

Ok, so I know I have already mentioned Kanye in this blog b4, and I do not want this to become a pattern but things just continue to parallel between his goings on and this class. While reading chapter 1 in The New Influencers, I came across this quote,
"Another truth with the blogosphere is that transparency is key to working in this medium."

One of the large draws to Kanye's blog has been that he ran the blog himself, besides all the cool art and cars and designs and such. But with his being arrested (right ater I quoted him too, loser!) there was no conceivable way he could update it from jail. And this is where it gets fishy.
So what's the relevance? Well, in July when the issue of him having a "ghost blogger" initially arose, Kanye could have came out with it and said something like, "I have an assistant who adds, makes posts and whatever else because this blog is far too extensive to be maintained by one person. To stay ahead of the times and get everything I want on here, my assistant and I work together to keep new posts coming."

Simple, two sentences. Instead, he denied that he had any help and posted pictures of himself infront of the blogging, supposedly updating it. It was already hard to believe that he finds all this stuff alone, but to think that he would have the time to make every post and comment on them, and comment on what other people comment, and add three posts from jail, is ridiculous.
So now it's out there. What would the proper PR response be to regain the lost credibility? Is the blog showing any negative effects of this incident? Has anyone even noticed? The only comment about him even going to jail on Kanye's a promise that he'll rant later...umm thanks?

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