Monday, September 29, 2008

Busy Busy Busy...week 4

Wow so this week was ridiculous! I know we aren't supposed to give a "run-down" of what we did but I feel like it's lightweight necessary this time...hopefully this is as exciting of a read as it was to live out lol Well in PRSSA this week, we had our first webinar, where our speaker, Julie Cajigas of Near West Theatre in Cleveland, presented via iChat. I coordinated the whole thing, but because I was singing with the University Singers in Toledo, I wasn't able to be there for the actual presentation. Sad day (because I couldn't go:( ), but I heard very good things, and I'm glad all the technology worked well. 

Also this week started the campaigns for Homecoming King and Queen and I had to take the photos to make flyers for Kendra and Gabriel, the nominees from the BSU. That shoot was fun, but it took a good amount of time. I think the pictures came out well though :)

Also this is the week we are voting for Student Senate reps, and currently I am the only person running for 3 Senate seats to represent the University Apartments...oh man!

And this wednesday, I will be taking the College JEOPARDY! test, so wish me luck!!!