Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Welcome Back! week 1

I am back at Ohio Northern, the place I have chosen to attend college and I must say I'm excited. Today was the first day of school, and I had three classes, from 12-5, totaling 7 hours of mind-massaging, brain- tingling college excitement. My first class is with Dr. Stephen Iseman, PR Research. IT (Prof. Agozzino DOESN'T like us using words like IT, A LOT, contractions etc. but since this is a blog and very informal, we can and I might just capitalize them every time I do IT for added hilarity) was pretty cool, HE'S very laid back and interesting to listen to, and the class will be very hands-on, which is the primary way I learn. I also had Business and Professional Speaking, also with Agozzino, and I think that should be an o.k. class too. I just hope she DOESN'T make IT more difficult than IT has to be, she enjoys making students suffer (I'm only joking). This class is Social Media, and IT'S from 1-4:50, awesome!! So I'm only two hours in, and not bored, so THAT'S a plus. I just really would like to eat...A LOT!!

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