Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why Professor Agozzino doesn't get the new Windows commercials...week 4

So I was perusing the web and came across this incredible blog posting by John Gruber . In the posting he breaks down Windows' attempt at rebranding and how they always arrive at the same message: nothing.

Amazing! As an avid Mac/Apple fan, I love reading and hearing about more reasons why Windows just doesn't make the cut. As seen in the new videos , Windows takes themselves too serious and it is one of their most detrimental flaws. People go to Apple because they fit the life style, the ingenuity, the usability that they are searching for. Compare the "I'm a PC" commercials to those of the "Mac vs. PC" and inevitably you'll find yourself glancing at the one, and watching the whole series of the other.

Apple is the new E.F. Hutton !!!!

...minus the money laundering, check kiting, and wire fraud of course.

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