Wednesday, October 29, 2008


...I DID! Check out this post from September 10, 2008 , particularly the last paragraph (before the "p.s.")  And comment :)

New PR and old PR...week 8

In chap. ten of the New Rules of Marketing and PR, Scott talks about dismissing the four P's (product, place, price, promotion) in favor of direct marketing to the buyer. I can definitely see the benefits of both, but I am never one to advocate completely blowing off old ideas that have worked. The four P's has proven to be very successful for marketing, and so has talking directly to buyers for PR. I think use of one of these two strategies would depend on the research done and the audience you are trying to reach.

One of the reasons Scott can so easily dismiss the four P's is because he is not distinguishing between marketing and public relations. The two practices are unique not only in name, but also in their implementation and the way they connect to the public. The four P's is more of a marketing strategy, so using it in PR would not be as beneficial as directly connecting with buyers, because PR is more relationally focused. Likewise, directly connecting to buyers would not show the fruits of a four P's marketing campaign, because marketing is more qualitatively focused. There is a difference between the two, and both strategies can be useful as long as you keep them in context. To quote my dad, "There is a time and a place for everything."

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Serendipitous...week 8

During the session on the "Politics of Persuasion", at the PRSSA National Conference, I was able to listen to Bob Berg and Georgella Muirhead of BergMuirhead talk about their campaign in Detroit in 2001 with Kwame Kilpatrick , for mayor. It is amazing then, that the first thing I see on CNN on my return home was this article about his sentencing , after being convicted of two felony counts of obstruction of justice. Berg and Muirhead talked about how they had Kwame remove his earring during campaigning to symbolize his maturity and his ability top put aside his adolescent ways and accept the responsibilities of running the city of Detroit. But Kwame's symbolic repentance unfortunately, did not include a true paradigm shift. Now Kilpatrick is being hauled off to jail, for the same reasons really; his immaturity and his decision to lie under oath. I think if Kwame was smart, he would have retained BergMuirhead for personal counsel , and they would have been able to advise him to be truthful and worked through the extramarital scandal he had. I really enjoyed their presentation, as I am very interested in politics and public affairs. Hopefully, Kwame's insolence will not hurt BergMuirhead's credibility.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Craig Newmark @ Conference...week 8

I am in Detroit at the PRSSA National Conference and today, we heard from Craig Newmark , the founder and currently a customer service rep for Craigslist . At first I honestly was a bit disenchanted with him, as I have never used or even been on Craigslist. Also, at the beginning of his presentation he spoke is disjointed sentences and he was a bit late arriving to the conference room. But he did say some very important things, things that I feel are highly insightful not only into the mindset of a genius and the culture of Craiglist, but also ideas that translate into what PR is at it's heart.

One of the first things I took from Craig, was his repeating several phrases like, "I'm being told..." or "I read that...". Now initially, I was annoyed because it seemed like he was full of crap, but thinking about it, these are crucial credibility establishing statements that he was making. Craig is a self-proclaimed nerd, pocket-protector and all, and his nerd tendencies and natural curiosity lead him to read a great amount. And not only does Craig read a ton, but he remembers it and uses it to develop ideas for Craigslist. Craig understands that his power lies in his ability to translate ideas into user-friendly mediums so a community of people can easily access and evolve those ideas. Craiglist, as described by moderator Paula Tutman , "is  the classifieds on steroids, with and intravaneous drip of uranium." She went on to say, "If the White House put an ad on Craigslist, they could find Osama Bin Laden before the election!"

Craig ended up being much more thought provoking than I expected. He used one metaphor of Web 2.0 being similar to the Revolutionary War, with bloggers being Thomas Paine and Silence Dogood, or that the first major viral app was Martin Luther's 95 Theses . Regardless of his nerdiness and his suffering from ACS (Attempted Comedy Syndrome), Craig's emphasis on "making sure I listen to people" and developing Craiglist as a "Culture of Trust" have served him well, and I found him thoroughly enjoyable and informative, even if it was a bit short.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Viral Marketing...week 7

The New Influencers was very thorough in describing viral marketing campaigns and their usefulness. Viral marketing is like Web 2.0's WOM but with like pictures and videos and nah I'm kidding!

I really like the detail this book goes into when describing viral marketing campaigns that have taken place. In class today, I found the only "I'm A PC" ad that I liked , and I think it was extra smart of Microsoft to release them when they did, because the energy from the Mac vs. PC ads had really all but died out. Even the latest one is a bit of a dud. It sort of looks like a presidential response commercial that only points the finger at the other guy...
Viral marketing can be a very effective publicity tool, but it's like the a good gumbo, (thanks Dr. Joe Trahan! ) you need all the right ingredients.

Homecoming+...week 7

So this past weekend was Homecoming at ONU, and I must say I had a blast! I was soo excited to see my good friends Steph and Kev again!!! They came all the way from Chicago just to stay with me for the weekend and I really treasured the time we got to spend together. Seriously, I want to be like them when I grow up. Steph  has grinded it out in college, yeah she had fun, but she was also thoroughly involved and her grades were sharp enough to land her a job at J.P.Morgan ...not too shabby right? And Kevin , well he's only a PR guy lol. FOR KETCHUM! They have apartments in Chicago, they have awesome jobs...I'm straight inspired yo! For those who are wondering what's so great about Homecoming this is it. Homecoming gives alumni a chance to come back to their roots, where they got their footing, and allows them to inspire up and coming students to do their best so they can succeed also. Even though these two graduated last year and the year before, you can't help but admire them. So yea there might not (or there is actually) be a dance, and some of the events might seem corny (Hot air Balloon???) but the real draw is students connecting with alumni...that turned sappy, real fast lol

The beginning of the end...week 7

O.k. so when I was in 10th grade history I had this teacher who insisted we memorize quotations for tests. I still have some of them on tap actually, and after reading this post by John Bell, I couldn't help but think of it. Winston Churchill said of WWII,
 "Now this is not the end. This is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."
I feel that way when I see forecasts of social media and public relations Doomsday posts like this. I mean, maybe I have a limited perspective, but I honestly feel there is still soo much to do with the model of PR that we have now, still so much we can accomplish, that if we are continually looking into the future for the next big thing, we might miss something happening right now. For instance, not only in class, but in a book I was reading for my research paper, there has been discussion on a way to effectively quantify results of public relations campaigns. Why aren't we rectifying the fact that we can't? Instead of conceding to marketing or communications in general, why not try to finalize what has been plaguing our profession since its inception?

I think often times, people get excited about new media and things like that and they are ready to throw away PR as it is, but it's not so imperfect as to be ineffective. Plus I mean, I haven't even graduated yet, and Bell just added another year of school...oh well, at least I know right?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Robotic future...week 6

I not only want one of these, I want everyone on Earth to have one! How incredible of an innovation is this??

I see echoes...week 6

While cruising, I came across this awesome social tool called Woices, which uses "echoes" or audio recordings tagged to a geographic location on a map, to give users the ability to characterize actual places. The post describes what The site is still in its Beta stages but use is growing especially in spanish speaking areas. In fact, most of the current posts are in spanish. This made browsing a little bit difficult but once the site grows with more users, more of it will be in english. This idea could be very useful, especially for colleges and universities. Admissions could post "echoes" about their school's curriculum, the surrounding city, and even what campus organizations are doing. I think once this catches on, it could be an amazing benefit for learning. Exchange students could find places they are planning to visit and hear echoes about the landscape, population etc. which would give them a better idea of what to expect upon arrival.

What are some ways this could be used for branding? 

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Larger than Life...week 6

In the New Influencers, Paul Gillin says about Rightlook , "Rightlook has succeeded, in part, because it always looked bigger online than it was in real life." This statement is not simply an assessment of one company's success but it really sums up the whole point of social media use by businesses. The "little guy" can now use the same tools as the "big guy". Blogs, Podcasts and other social media tools allow small businesses to "Oz" their online appearance, or make themselves appear bigger than they really are. It is truly phenomenal.

Gillin also talks about the beginning of The New Rules of PR ebook and since this is an earlier edition of a book we're using for this class, I found that praticularly interesting. I have noticed that although the blogosphere is huge, because of linking and trackbacks, certain things like this book and New Rules keep rising to the top. They must know what they're talking about.

The New Influencers also gives a great rundown of the more powerful tools available that affect blogging. RSS feed , Tags, search engines and trackbacks all can increase you blogs traffic, maybe even get you in listed on Technorati's Top 100 ! I think if I wrote this blog for my job or updated more often, RSS could really be useful in finding topics to discuss.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Representin! Week 6

Today was incredible!! Actually, today and yesterday, because today was sort of a continuation of yesterday. Yesterday was the PRSSA Liaison meeting in Columbus at Resource Interactive . Their offices are awe-inspiring and obviously productivity inspiring because they have won numerous awards including a ton of silver ADDY's ! I think we (Bryan and I) represented Northern well, and I really enjoyed meeting the other chapter's PRSSA officers and I also got reconnected with an old friend from my summers at Camp Koinonia ! Then after an stay at the wonderful Mulvany home, I went to the Central Ohio PRSA Luncheon today and really learned a ton! The discussion was on Diversity and what PR could do to enable multicultural communication. It was really great to hear about the Somali newspaper, Somali Link , and the latino radio and tv stations in Columbus. We also heard from Marty Miller, of Miller Public Relations , and she gave great insight into little things companies and PR people could do to make their brand more culturally inclusive.

Also I became an inaugurated member of Student Senate tonight, which is sweet! I am really excited and hope I am able to invoke some sort of change there. I really want to see students more connected with what's going on with Student Senate and more connected with their Senators.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Blog check 1, 2, 1, 2...week 5

Bloggers in our Social Media class this one's for you. I have to admit, we are doing an OUSTANDING (Macy's brainwashing) job with these blogs. We are current and up-to-date with issues and trends affecting not only our country but also the blogosphere and our future profession. But I think we are lacking in some serious areas. Some of our blogs are boring, mine included, and also, I do not think we link as well as we can. The purpose of this class is not only for us to have these blogs, but also for us to demonstrate our writing ability since, to take it back to Aggie 101, "PR Writing has to be WELL-WRITTEN!" It is a bit ironic that this is coming from me, given the content of my first post , but that was all in fun and this is a bit more serious. Run-on sentences, spelling mistakes, grammar, "they're/their/there" and other common problems are all diluting our blog quality.

I understand that by me pointing this out, I'm going to have to triple check my posts for errors from here on out but that is a price I am willing to pay. WE'RE ONU PR!!!! We are better than this!

Have you guys heard of Someone Still Loves Your Boris Yeltsin ? They're awesome! I promise I'm not doing their PR, but I have to let you guys know about them because there is not a better indie band out right now! Check them out...

see what I did just there??? lol

Campaign Branding...week 5

In Ed Rollin's article for CNN on John McCain, he continually uses the terms "brand" or "branding" when talking about the campaigns. He asks what McCain can do to turn his brand in a new direction and he gives a very thorough analysis of the McCain campaign so far. I think he's spot on (sometimes I type with a british accent) in saying that:
"Personal attacks won't work this late in the campaign and may backfire on McCain. He must attack Obama's policy and spending proposals." 
I have been saying since I began this blog that the time for negative attack ads is over , and that what politicians need to do is reject futile finger-pointing and shine a light on what will not work in their opponent's plans!


I like the new Obama ads that are not a guy talking about Obama, but are Obama talking about his plan. He doesn't even mention McCain, as well he shouldn't. How simple is it to buy ad time to give yourself extra camera time? It's like extending the debate, but you control your topic and the other candidate can't even interject!! Plus, you give the people time to familiarize themselves with your ideas. It's like rappers releasing singles so that when they go on tour, the audience knows all the lyrics to their songs!
Familiarity and a focused, positive campaign are the best ways to get your campaign brand burned into the memories of voters in 2008.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Blogger + Pay = America...week 5

So I'm home in Cleveland for the weekend for a friend's funeral and I couldn't help but post what I randomly found. In GQ Magazine's September '08 Style Issue, GAP has an eight page ad featuring a number of actors and athletes and other such big deals modeling clothing for their "Your Own" campaign. What I found absolutely shocking was that one of the featured models was blogger /photographer Scott Schuman! Talk about compensation!! The writer of The Sartorialist, a fashion blog heaven, began blogging in late 2005 and has since made a name for him self in the blogosphere for finding striking images of "real people". I think it is absolutely incredible that he was able to do this shoot and it only adds to his credibility that a venue like GAP recognizes his contribution.

I know a lot of our class feels like citizen marketers should not get paid for what they do, but I can't agree. If someone does something, and does it well, they should be compensated. Maybe not money, maybe a swag basket or a free sample of whatever they are so passionately blogging about. Personally, I wouldn't mind a GAP spread ;)

p.s. I would still take that million bucks, no questions asked...