Friday, October 3, 2008

Blogger + Pay = America...week 5

So I'm home in Cleveland for the weekend for a friend's funeral and I couldn't help but post what I randomly found. In GQ Magazine's September '08 Style Issue, GAP has an eight page ad featuring a number of actors and athletes and other such big deals modeling clothing for their "Your Own" campaign. What I found absolutely shocking was that one of the featured models was blogger /photographer Scott Schuman! Talk about compensation!! The writer of The Sartorialist, a fashion blog heaven, began blogging in late 2005 and has since made a name for him self in the blogosphere for finding striking images of "real people". I think it is absolutely incredible that he was able to do this shoot and it only adds to his credibility that a venue like GAP recognizes his contribution.

I know a lot of our class feels like citizen marketers should not get paid for what they do, but I can't agree. If someone does something, and does it well, they should be compensated. Maybe not money, maybe a swag basket or a free sample of whatever they are so passionately blogging about. Personally, I wouldn't mind a GAP spread ;)

p.s. I would still take that million bucks, no questions asked...

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