Monday, October 6, 2008

Campaign Branding...week 5

In Ed Rollin's article for CNN on John McCain, he continually uses the terms "brand" or "branding" when talking about the campaigns. He asks what McCain can do to turn his brand in a new direction and he gives a very thorough analysis of the McCain campaign so far. I think he's spot on (sometimes I type with a british accent) in saying that:
"Personal attacks won't work this late in the campaign and may backfire on McCain. He must attack Obama's policy and spending proposals." 
I have been saying since I began this blog that the time for negative attack ads is over , and that what politicians need to do is reject futile finger-pointing and shine a light on what will not work in their opponent's plans!


I like the new Obama ads that are not a guy talking about Obama, but are Obama talking about his plan. He doesn't even mention McCain, as well he shouldn't. How simple is it to buy ad time to give yourself extra camera time? It's like extending the debate, but you control your topic and the other candidate can't even interject!! Plus, you give the people time to familiarize themselves with your ideas. It's like rappers releasing singles so that when they go on tour, the audience knows all the lyrics to their songs!
Familiarity and a focused, positive campaign are the best ways to get your campaign brand burned into the memories of voters in 2008.

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