Monday, October 13, 2008

I see echoes...week 6

While cruising, I came across this awesome social tool called Woices, which uses "echoes" or audio recordings tagged to a geographic location on a map, to give users the ability to characterize actual places. The post describes what The site is still in its Beta stages but use is growing especially in spanish speaking areas. In fact, most of the current posts are in spanish. This made browsing a little bit difficult but once the site grows with more users, more of it will be in english. This idea could be very useful, especially for colleges and universities. Admissions could post "echoes" about their school's curriculum, the surrounding city, and even what campus organizations are doing. I think once this catches on, it could be an amazing benefit for learning. Exchange students could find places they are planning to visit and hear echoes about the landscape, population etc. which would give them a better idea of what to expect upon arrival.

What are some ways this could be used for branding? 

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