Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Serendipitous...week 8

During the session on the "Politics of Persuasion", at the PRSSA National Conference, I was able to listen to Bob Berg and Georgella Muirhead of BergMuirhead talk about their campaign in Detroit in 2001 with Kwame Kilpatrick , for mayor. It is amazing then, that the first thing I see on CNN on my return home was this article about his sentencing , after being convicted of two felony counts of obstruction of justice. Berg and Muirhead talked about how they had Kwame remove his earring during campaigning to symbolize his maturity and his ability top put aside his adolescent ways and accept the responsibilities of running the city of Detroit. But Kwame's symbolic repentance unfortunately, did not include a true paradigm shift. Now Kilpatrick is being hauled off to jail, for the same reasons really; his immaturity and his decision to lie under oath. I think if Kwame was smart, he would have retained BergMuirhead for personal counsel , and they would have been able to advise him to be truthful and worked through the extramarital scandal he had. I really enjoyed their presentation, as I am very interested in politics and public affairs. Hopefully, Kwame's insolence will not hurt BergMuirhead's credibility.

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