Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Viral Marketing...week 7

The New Influencers was very thorough in describing viral marketing campaigns and their usefulness. Viral marketing is like Web 2.0's WOM but with like pictures and videos and stuff..lol nah I'm kidding!

I really like the detail this book goes into when describing viral marketing campaigns that have taken place. In class today, I found the only "I'm A PC" ad that I liked , and I think it was extra smart of Microsoft to release them when they did, because the energy from the Mac vs. PC ads had really all but died out. Even the latest one is a bit of a dud. It sort of looks like a presidential response commercial that only points the finger at the other guy...
Viral marketing can be a very effective publicity tool, but it's like the a good gumbo, (thanks Dr. Joe Trahan! ) you need all the right ingredients.

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