Saturday, November 29, 2008

the 21%ers

So after a long and very restful fall break I am ready to jump right back into the social media world and commence my blog posts. I have to start with one of the things that intrigued me about social media initially, and that's the fact that there is so much content created by so few people. However it seems like this trend is continually diminishing. I found on advergirl, that 21% of US online adults are now creating new content for the Web. This is far from that 1% we originally discussed in social media class, only two months ago! One of the best things I can see being produced from this growth in original content is a more informed readership. According to the Groundswell blog, Inactive adults dropped 19% while Spectators or those who only consume web content, jumped 21%...Correlation? Could that +or- 20% that left inactivity be the same +or- 20% that is now reading web content regularly? I sure hope so! It means that as people are getting introduced to social media and its many benefits, they are transitioning from not participating at all, to at least reading and eventually (hopefully) creating new content!!! So while it was great being a 1%er for a while, I am really looking forward to the wealth of knowledge to be gained with the addition of 20% more brain power!

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