Monday, November 3, 2008

Dentyne and facemaking...week9

Dentyne has just released their three minute Web site and the "Make Facetime" campaign. This campaign is designed to encourage people to get off of the internet and engage in personal interaction with other people. The Web site, , has a ticker that counts down three minutes exactly and then the site "shuts down." The site even gives you a one-minute warning, providing links to other portions of the site in case you didn't get to them in the allotted time. This shut down includes the loss of the functional components of the site, but give the viewer the options to send a "face time invite" to another person to "hang out", register for a contest, learn the flavors of Dentyne, or just leave. You cannot revisit the site for eight hours or until after midnight, whichever comes first. The two parts of the site that stops the clock is the ad portion, where you can view the commercials and the print ads and the part where you can learn about the flavors of Dentyne . My favorite part of the Web site is definitely the "Smiley Chamber of Doom." There you can watch the decimation of the emoticon or "smiley" in hilarious, albeit gruesome, ways.

In a time where social media and social networking are the main attractions of the day, why does Dentyne feel it's necessary to encourage/force viewers to get off of their computers? I think this is Dentyne's attempt at CSR or Corporae Social Responsibility. They are taking the position that the internet is good, in small doses, but human interaction is of greater importance. But what makes Dentyne the right company to advocate this? And what's in it for them? I need to take some marketing courses ASAP!


JamienneNoell said...

This idea is sweet! Reading your post made me want to check out the site myself. It is intriguing that the site is only a three minute deal. I love when companies show that they respect the importance of face-to-face interaction and respect that they are just a small part in somebodys life. For example, Nickelodeon does a Get out and Play week where they don't run any shows for a few hours, encouraging children to be active. That attitude attracts me to an organization/company. Great job Dentyne!

Elementality: Evan's PR blog entries said...

Yeah Nick does do that but that's for kids though, why should Dentyne, a gum brand, have any say in how much time we spend online??