Saturday, November 8, 2008

Last readings :)...week 10

So I am definitely a fan of the Lonlygirl15 story! Yea she was deceiving, but so is "reality" tv. She provided good entertainment, and got like 20 mins of fame because of it! Ideally yes, it would have been better for her to be truthful and transparent but honestly, she would have lived up to her moniker even more because no one would have watched her videos! I wouldn't have anyway lol. Besides, she was an individual.

Now a company/corporation, that's a different story. Companies need to be open, honest, transparent and loyal to their consumer base on blogs and in videos, not only because of the potential retribution of dishonest communication (read "Spin"), but also to ensure that they are the one's managing their reputation online, and not someone else. I Googled "dishonest company" and for fun, hit the "I'm feeling lucky" button. What came up was Ripoff, which I couldn't visit because I'm posting from Tower City in Cleveland and their wifi blocks messageboards and forums, but this is nonetheless the last Web site you want your company to appear on. The last chapter of The New Influencers showed how having an online account with Blogger or Twitter can help a company build its own rapport and gain positive exposure in the blogosphere and on the Web in general. I really enjoyed these books, and they have made me want to increase my knowledge of social media and its uses. I'm thinking Groundswell will be the next book I digest, check back for future posts!

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JamienneNoell said...

I like how you put the Lonelygirl15 story on a different level than companies and corporations. Even though Lonelygirl15 was deception and angered many people, it shouldn't be taken as seriously as a company's deception. Companies and corporations have social and ethical responsibilities that individual YouTubers don't. It all leads back to transparency, transparency, transparency. Thanks for the insight sir!