Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Do It NOW! Ohio Vid...week 10


Special thanks to Jamie Scott, Her Brother, Kyle Roby, Tim Smith and last but most certainly not least...

TRENT DORNER- ...the guy in the ICE!!!


Renee Pirolozzi said...

Ya know I must say I was a bit upset by the first words of your comment, then after I saw how much time, thought, and effort went into your video I think I see now how this could have came across that way. I do appreciate you taking the time to read into it though because that is how I also feel about it. It fits Thanks for noticing :)

Bryan Mulvany said...

Love the video Evan! Even though you sold me out to work with other members of the class, I can still recognize a great video when I see one. Although you could have used someone more believable than Tim Smith to beat someone up. As someone who has played rugby with Tim for many years, I know that would never happen.... But good video none the less.