Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Power of Twitter

Yesterday, I posted about Cheryl Harrison's caffiene addiction. This post was the result of a conversation I was having with her on twitter at the time. Thanks to tweetree, I can show you chronologically how it played out:

erob1 (erob1) Jan 05, 02:00 PM I don't know how anyone gets addicted to coffee. I just had a toffee nut cappuccino and my mouth tastes terrible!! ugh

JamienneScott (JamienneScott) Jan 05, 02:47 PM @erob1 try some caramel macchiatos or caramel coconut lattes or white choc/banana/orange/rum Those are where the deliciousness is at

erob1 (erob1) Jan 05, 02:50 PM
@JamienneScott Will do! I still don't think I'll like them enough to get addicted like @CherylHarrison

Cheryl Harrison (CherylHarrison) Jan 05, 02:52 PM
@erob1 Hey don't talk about my caffeine addiction on Twitter!

erob1 (erob1) Jan 05, 02:54 PM @CherylHarrison lol where should I talk about it? http://evanprblog.blogspot.com ???

erob1 (erob1) Jan 05, 03:01 PM
@CherylHarrison's addicted to Caffeine, read about it here: http://tinyurl.com/8nx2sj

Cheryl Harrison (CherylHarrison) Jan 05, 03:02 PM I'm a big deal: @erob1 wrote a blog about me - ok so maybe he's just calling me an addict but all press is good press LOL http://bit.ly/zGiv

Now on twitter, @CherylHarrison is pretty much the Tweet Princess of Columbus and when she posts about a blog, her 1,543 followers get instantaneously informed. With my 116 followers, that's a combined total of 1,659 people who all can follow our conversation and potentially add their own insight. So you see, in a matter of minutes this conversation turned from me being disgusted with horrible coffee, to exposure for my blog to over 1,600 twitterers, some of whom are PR Professionals, Marketers and Social Media Experts!! Imagine if we were discussing something important?!

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