Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bryan Mulvany Bites the Big one!

As anyone in the sports world will tell you, defense wins games. And we saw that mantra ring true in this past Sunday's SuperBowl. However there were other factors that lead to the Cardinals demise, namely the fact that Kurt Warner trimmed his beard, and also the fact that Santonio Holmes is a product of OSU football. Whatever it was, I was fairly sure that the Steelers would be triumphant. Maybe it was the sound whipping they gave my home team, the Browns, or my favorite team, the Patriots. Or maybe I'm just lucky. Bryan Mulvany however, is not so lucky. Mulvany thought it would be a good idea, on the day of the game mind you, to bet that the Cardinals would win, against my admonishment that no such thing would happen. I usually do not bet because I always lose, but given the factors listed above, I was fairly certain that a Steelers win was a sure thing. So Bryan and I bet that whoever lost was at the sartorial mercy of the victor. On the following friday, the loser would wear whatever the winner picked out for them, to class all day! (with the stipulation that clothes could only be chosen from either of our two closets, to prevent any dresses or heels being thrown in the mix)

That friday is today-the 6th! Bryan will be sporting a very nice outfit picked out by yours truly, so please if you see him on campus, take a picture and either post it to our facebook group or your blog. I would greatly appreciate the help!

To quote Mulvany "It's not about winning or losing, it's how you play the game!"HA!

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