Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Finals week 10-Winter

So last quarter in a fit of frustration I put all of my assignments on my blog to show certain people that I had tons of crap to do. This action resulted in me learning 3 thing:

  1. No one cares how much work I have to do and I brought it upon myself so I should quit bein' a baby and complaining.
  2. Posting all of my finals assignments helped me stay focused on getting them finished because anyone reading my blog could see if I was slacking or not.
  3. I really enjoyed the satisfaction of crossing each item off as it was finished.
So I'm going to do it again, more for the last two reasons than that first one LOL! 

Advanced PR Writing
  • Persuasion platform 
  • Pitch letter
  • News Release
  • Feature Story
  • Resume
Bateman Case Study
  • Executive Summary
  • Analysis of post tests
  • Evaluation of campaign
  • Finalize plan book
Marketing 351
  • Summary of Capstone presentation
  • Executive Summary for Burberry
  • Exam, Tuesday
  • Week 8, 9, and 10 write ups and hours
  • Print example pieces
  • Analysis of Quarter
  • Compile and organize portfolio

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