Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Questions: What Did I Learn?

So as I posted earlier, I only asked questions today on twitter. I learned quite a few things even though it was extremely difficult for me not to reply with just statements. But before I tell what those are, I want to give a run-down of the rules I used for this little SM experiment. 

1) Every post had to have a question in it. Even Retweets. I only failed to do this on the last tweet because I had no room.

2) I had to still engage in twitter like I normally do. Still pose and answer questions, still read tweets as much as I normally do, everything. This was really hard because I have some incredibly interesting followers with great senses of humor, and I wanted to joke back. I achieved this a bit with @jocelleuntalan talking about the Cavs and Lakers (GO CAVS!)

So what did I learn? Well besides that it is incredibly difficult to only ask questions, I learned that people will reveal soooo much more information if you just stop talking and let them continue what they are saying. Even in 140 characters, if you weigh in before you take in the full scope of what is being said, you run the risk of misinterpreting what is being said and losing who you're talking with.

I also learned that questions have a pretty significant power. They invoke action, to do something. Be it answering, acting on something, or just thinking about something differently, questions are what make it happen and to better listen, you have to ask questions and get in depth with what's going on. Besides, who really wants to hear you talk anyway?

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