Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Personal Development

I'm going to have to learn to speak up when something bothers me, and not be timid about it. Also I am going to have to invest in some earphones.

Update: I originally wrote this post about a situation that was frustrating me. I didn't confront the issue because I do not really like conflict (at all) and in retrospect it wasn't that big a deal. Thing is, I got mad when I was by myself, instead of at the moment. I only see this as a problem because I sometimes feel like people might see me as a pushover. The internship I'm doing this summer does a personality test, so in order to figure out what was really bothering me (and cause I'm nosey), I paid for it and took it looked at the free example online. Here's the evaluation I think fit me the closest, really close actually.

The fact that I have this (as a communications major) is incredible, sense I'm a "high self-monitor" and love looking for ways to improve interpersonally. It's also good because when I found this on the site, I realized that I am going to be in the right place this summer. I mean, these tests are freakin expensive and any company that is willing to pay the money for this kinda thing, use it on interns and put it into action in the work place, can only be interested in helping me grow as a person and a student. Not to mention they are pretty darn accurate. I couldn't have picked (or been picked by) a better spot for my first internship. I'm even more excited about this summer now :) (I put a smiley face cause a girl in campaigns class told me exclamation points (!) are unprofessional lol)

K sweet, night

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