Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why we REALLY aren't buying into social media...like you want us to

Everyone knows that this generation of young adults will be a force to be reckoned with in the business world. Even we know it. We are the generation of teen tech bloggers, nerds turned CEOs and whole television shows based on Webcasts. But according to recent findings, most of the demo latching on to SM is not in our age bracket, but instead, the much older Baby Boomer generation (zinger). One post posed that this anti-rush is due to a "coolness" factor that we all can't help shaping our interests around (like we're still in high school). But I have a couple of different reasons why I think my generation has not abandoned other media for all things social. 

1.We're anxious/nervous about it: Look at the world we are growing up in. Freakin' Craigslist killers, swine flu, the economy, school shootings and let's not forget, Britney is still making "music." It's a mess out there and having a bunch of know-it-all adults tell us we need to be engaging in these "tools" or we're failures at life isn't exactly a stress-reliever. 

2. We're rebellious: I mean think about it. If you were a teen/college kid and adults told you to do something (even if it's a helpful tip to get you a job later on...), you're going to want to do it? Thought not.

3. It's no longer an escape: Facebook was "cool" because of it's exclusivity. So many college students were using it everyday because it had nothing to do with the real world, it was an online extension of the fantasy life we were living everyday. Why would you want to mix that up with advertisers, parents, celebs and your boss back home?

4. We've got other stuff to do: This one should speak for itself. We play sports, are in a ton of extracurriculars, hang out with friends, text, even watch tv. And usually these are solitary engagements, although some overlap, like texting and doing anything else.

5. It's not going anywhere: You are. Baby Boomers are on their way out. Let's be real. Sure those born on the end are only hitting their mid-40s but that leaves only 30 years to use this stuff. We've got 50+...what's the rush?

All and all, if you believe the stats, you would think Gen Yers want nothing to do with SM and that's not true. If you really think about it, why should a large majority of the young adult population jump on social media when most of us will only use it recreationally? No, we're probably not going to be the early adopters on this one but best believe we will be with trends to come. Now I know I'm all over SM but I personally have always been one to try new things. Plus I'm only partially rebellious, don't have a cell phone, own a MacBook, and am so relaxed I once had a nurse tell me to do some jumping jacks after taking my pulse for a physical. But most Gen Yers are more like what I describe above, than they are like myself. 

So cheer up, no we're not the first in SM. But at least we will each have our own robots...

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