Monday, June 1, 2009

NCORE 2009: Grad Testing

I will be taking the LSAT but in the presentation these tips were expressed as help for all of the graduate tests. The most interesting thing that was said was that the tests are not meaningful. At all. They are however, important. Grad tests show only that you are good at that particular test. That’s about all. The keys to being successful on grad tests are:

  1. Be aggressive, for some reason, it’s rewarded on the test.
  2. Laugh regularly when preparing for the test.  (No, I’m serious) 
  3. Use books, the internet, and one-on-one tutoring in your preparation
  4. Take a course! Studying on your own is much harder because you have to find the materials, study, and teach yourself. In a course, you only have to study, they find materials and teach you.

Also, they provided a “work-out” plan for prepping for the test, which I found incredibly helpful.

Prep minimum: 2 hours a day of high quality practice

                            5-6 days/week

                            7-8 weeks, right up until the official test day

                            Take 4-5 practice tests, one every two weeks

While this may seem like a very intense schedule of preparation, the presenter pointed out that this schedule is equal to only ½ of a season of a high school sport!

Lastly, practice tests from Kaplan and the Princeton Review are good, but find prior released tests. You can get these by simply purchasing them from the testing company here. I'm planning to start my studying in a few weeks. Happy testing!!

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