Thursday, August 13, 2009

Life Decisions

So I've put all over everything (this blog, twitter, facebook etc.) that I love political communication. And while this is true, I have found something scary happening to me recently. My interests are shifting. I think I might want to do Fashion PR. I'm seriously worrying because I have been watching CNN and CSPAN less and less and reading fashion blogs, books and tweets more and more. I noticed that I have "I love political comm." in my twitter bio, but rarely do I ever tweet about politics. But quite often I tweet about fashion, and technology. I've become obsessed with The Sartorialist and Tweed and Velvet. The only thing holding me back from overhauling my wardrobe is the lack of funds to replace essentials.

I know that I'm still young and that nothing is written in stone but the more I look into fashion PR, the more I feel the tug to pursue it. This is one of those pivotal moments in life where I wish I could see a fast forward of what would happen if I did change my pursuits. I haven't finished school yet, so it's not a career change I'm making. But the change in focus would def affect post-grad decisions, like where to move to and whether or not I go to grad school. I wonder how adults make these kinds of decisions after they're established.

Well whatever I end up doing, I want to start doing it already lol!


JamienneNoell said...

I like where your thoughts are taking you...
You and fashion go hand in hand.

Evan E. Roberts said...

lol Thanks buddy! Can't wait to get our blog up and running!