Friday, August 14, 2009

All Like Sheep Have Gone Astray...

OK so I would feel the need to post about politics after I wrote about me shifting my interests towards fashion, but this needs to be said. Ready? Here it goes: ANYONE WHO BOYCOTTS WHOLE FOODS IS A BRAINDEAD SHEEP.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out this article. I am going to try to shop at Whole Foods more often to offset their dip in sales due to this idiocy. If you read the CEO's editorial, (and you can here) Mackey presents a very logical and reasonable alternative to the healthcare reform being proposed. Whether it is good PR or bad PR for his company isn't the point, because this is beyond the PR for his company. This is about citizens of the United States blindly following rhetoric that pushes a plan DOOMED to fail. Even worse, the comments on this article show that there are people in this country who cannot even conceive any other options to healthcare reform than the one that President Obama proposes. That's sad, that we would put away our minds so easily in favor of being coddled. Our forefathers must be rolling in their graves. Anyone, in either party, who simply follows the leader without judging for themselves whether or not the leader is leading them correctly is a danger to themselves.

Original "democracy" is meant to be closer to anarchy on the spectrum of government, than totalitarianism. When we give up our right to take care of ourselves, to choose our healthcare provider or to choose our own doctor, we are giving up more than a non-existant right. We're giving up a piece of our freedom. I hope Mackey will stick to his guns, and not be persuaded to mea culpa for expresssing his opinion. And I hope the boycotters starve.


Scott Hale said...

Thanks for bringing this up and writing out some good points on the subject. I'm not big on politics, but whether the plan is good, bad, or neutral, you are dead on with your thoughts on blind following.

Not only are these people blindly supporting a plan because of the person behind it, they are boycotting a FOOD provider because of political statements by the CEO. See how they are kind of unrelated in this case?

Like I said, I'm not big on politics but I agree that Obama is experiencing a bit of a halo effect. He's a nice, intelligent, well-groomed family man - so people hold his views in high esteem. It's time to separate ideas from the persona.

Evan E. Roberts said...

Exactly! I have nothing against Obama at all. The man is brilliant but he's just that, a Man. Meaning he's fallible.

It's not like Whole Foods policy on providing organic deliciousness is changing due to healthcare reform.

T. A. Shanks said...

I still think mea culpa is a verb ;-)