Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dear SM 2.0

Dear Social Media class version 2.0,

I hope you all have a great time in this class. Learn as much as you can and find out ways to make the tools you learn your own. There is an entire world of technology out there that is growing with each second, and your experiences from here on will be a part of that. Don't get over whelmed with the course work, because the most important thing is that you use these tools and make them work for you. I figured since I took this class already, I could give you a few tips on how to be successful.
  1. Use class time (post lecture) to write draft posts
  2. Read the books. Or find them online. But Read them
  3. Check out the blogs of the authors of the books. Sometimes there is more information or more insights on their blogs. And all of them blog!
  4. Save your posts intermittently; Auto save only does so much
  5. Try to integrate pic into your posts to break up the text.
  6. You can Google Search other interesting blogs here
  7. CNN provides good current events topics for blogging
  8. Sure, you want to show your blog to future employers but don't shy away from your own opinions. Write what you feel. Keep it real.
Hope you all have a great semester and feel free to ask me anything you need!


Natalyn Giverson said...

Thanks for the tips, Evan! Great fundamental points for us newbies. I'll definitely keep them in mind. Can you offer us anything more about custom backgrounds and layout suggestions? I'm having a hard time deciding what the best balance between aesthetic appeal and function. Thanks!

Alli said...

Thanks a bunch, Evan! Always nice to get the scoop from someone who knows... I'm feeling a little nervous about this class, and your advice helped me calm down! I will probably reference back to this post throughout the first couple weeks until I figure things out. One question, how long/short is too long/short?

Thanks again for the tips!

Evan E. Roberts said...

Natalyn: I copied my background from Pyzam.com, and edited the HTML myself, but if you go through some other template site or use one of the Blogger templates be sure to check how it looks in several different browsers. I went for more white space because I saw that as a trend on some graphic design Web site. The original text was a much lighter blue and tough to read, so I changed it to a darker one. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty and screw some stuff up, you can always fix it later.

Alli: I usually go for around 200 words if I have that much to say. It really depends on the topic tho

Kyle E. said...


Your advice was great. Thanks for the taking the time to blog for us.

Since I've finally got all the books from Amazon, the reading is not bad like you said.