Monday, October 19, 2009

Learning About Google Wave

So I have had quite the hiatus from my blog, and I must apologize. I missed you blog.

Recently I have been searching for blog posts pertaining to usage of Google Wave, because I was lucky enough to get an invite from an ONU friend a couple weeks back and have been trying to determine how I'll use it. Today I read this post on uses for Google Wave in education. Now I know I'm not in education but the thing about a good idea is that it is usually applicable to multiple ummm applications.

My favorites from that post are:

4) Plan parent conferences with multiple teachers and multiple schedules
11) Keep information current between work, cell, and home
12) School newspaper/newsletter article development
16) Collaborative book study
17) Group blogging
19) Storing favorite web resources in one central searchable location

Now I realize that most of these are in the context of teaching but the overall sentiment is the improvement of group communication. Imagine a book group where you comment and highlight the parts of the book that speak to you as you're reading it?

Or for those into group blogs (one of my favorites is PR Breakfast Club) imagine the posts that could come from screen casting a "post idea brainstorming session?" I'm still getting adjusted to the feature and adding contacts so if you have Google Wave, add me as a contact and lets see what we can come up with together.

evaneroberts at googlewave dot com

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