Friday, November 13, 2009

Back on Track

Sometimes I get exactly what I needed to hear, from my Twitter feed (Thanks @heatherdamico and @RyanKnapp!). In this case, it was Melissa Karnaze's article on writer's block that is really encouraging me through this week before finals. And also to update my blog more often. After doing her exercises, I discovered that the fear that was "blocking" my writing for this blog and for my homework was simply the fear of inadequacy. I read several other student blogs who are all excellent writers and may even have journalism or creative writing backgrounds and I stare in awe and amazement as they churn out post after well-written post. I don't have that background. Granted, I've done my fair share of writing and have even done guest posts for well known blogs but I guess I never embraced those accomplishments as validation for my skill. I was totally intimidated and my way of punking out was "writer's block." Well no more.

Starting today, I am going back on the schedule I had when I began this blog. Three posts a week, at least three different topics. Setting goals for yourself is truly the only way to get things done and to measure your success, and my blog was doing fine before I let it go the way of the Dodo. Look for me :)

Happy finals week!!

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Courtenay said...

Thanks little brother! I needed that.