Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why The Contest? 10 Reasons

In my last post I did a contest to find spelling and grammatical errors in my writing. There were four primary mistakes that I made in that post in order to give the contest some life. Almost all of those errors were intentionally left in the post but even I miss a caps every once-in-a-while (Thanks Christa!). But why would I, as a student hoping to impress professionals and other students with my writing, encourage readers to find mistakes in my post? Here is some of the strategy behind my "contest."

1. Transparency
In it's simplest form, transparency is encouraging others to trust you by exposing your own faults and making the case that you're "only human." Cop out? Maybe but I needed a no. 1 haha

2. To make myself a better writer
Pretty self-explanatory here but the only way to become a better writer is to write. That includes making mistakes and having other people read and correct those mistakes.

3. To see if I missed anything/ become a better copy editor
Every time I publish a new post, I look at it how readers will see it, in order to see if I missed something in the editing viewer. That is how I caught the first four errors in the first place, I just didn't correct them because of the contest idea. The fifth one, as discovered by Christa Keizer (see comments), slipped through my fingers.

4. To facilitate more engagement with my blog
I mean really, who wants a blog where they spout advice and what they're learning into thin air? Not me! Engaging will not only keep you coming back; it will keep ME coming back!

5. To increase Elementality's web ranking
I had over 200 clicks on that post the first day (tracked using bit.ly). That has to do something for my search ranking right?

6. To test Bit.ly
I had heard that tracking is a ton easier with bit.ly and I needed a post that could potentially generate a lot of traffic to test that. Posts I've seen that get traffic, especially on Twitter, usually have something to do with a contest or prize.

7. Because I'm selfish (and self-conscious)
Look at all of the links in this post? The majority of them take you to either my social media accounts or accounts of organizations I am involved in such as PRSSA and ONU PRSSA. That is because I want you to visit these sites and I also want to connect with you on these sites. Also, if I'm telling people to check out my profiles on all of these sites, I will be pressured to update them more often.

8. To increase awareness of the new retweet feature on Twitter [and ensure that you know that I have it :)]

9. To give me ammo for more posts so I can keep my promise to myself
For example, this post.

10. I truly thought number 7 was the funniest!
You get it? Like "experimenting" with drugs?? Except it's not drugs, but Spin is just as bad for you!

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