Monday, November 30, 2009

Why Reading Is Still Important

I recently heard a fellow student say that he only reads what is assigned to him and "facebook statuses". I recently threw up in my mouth a little bit. This may be an inaccurate observation but our generation seems to have developed an aversion to recreational reading or even news reading for that matter, and I fear that it is also damaging our ability to write well. As public relations students, we need to be able to write well. Why? Because we are communicators and our success or failure depends on our ability to effectively communicate a message (our future employers') to the public, and also to accurately convey public sentiment to our organization. We have to know how to write and reading makes you a better writer. When you read, you pick up the rules of the language such as proper spelling, grammar, syntax and you also can increase your own vocabulary. Also reading gives you a deeper knowledge of the subject that you are reading about. Even fictional writing will provide you with an better understanding of symbolism, universal truths and storytelling. When asked how public relations can remedy the lack of males studying the profession, Dr. Frank W. Wylie, Ph.D, APR, Fellow PRSA said, "Get male students to learn to read and write."
So you may ask, "Evan, I want to be successful, how do I start reading?" Well it's simple: pick up a book and start at page 1!

Here are some books to get you started:

Also, if you want to read more online, here are a few sites that provide great content:

So am I totally off base here? Or what are some books/sites that your enjoy reading?
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