Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Industry Accountability?

A lot of the public relations world has given their two (sometimes more than two) cents on the Tiger Woods situation. We all know his PR team are inside the belly of the #failwhale but what are we doing to help them? Or a better question is, do we as members of the same industry, have a responsibility to protect their reputations as competent practitioners? Does our success (or image as a necessity for businesses/brands) depend on theirs?

I'm only wondering because I know that with the new found transparency of the 2.0 world, virtually anyone is accessible to a certain degree. Members of this profession are very often connected to each other through only a few degrees, so someone with accurate knowledge of how handle this situation should be within reach of Tiger's counselors. And with all of the articles being written daily about what should be done, is anyone offering this advice to Tiger's counsel? It only makes sense.

If everyone realizes that Tiger's response and strategy is erred so far, then when does that blame fall to the PR professionals handling the situation? And if it does, when are we as their colleagues (or future colleagues in my case) negatively affected by their failure?

As a student, I'm completely interested in learning as much as possible from this situation so all comments and advice are appreciated.

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