Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years Elementality

I don't make New Years resolutions. I have always found it frivolous, not to mention a bit hypocritical, to do commit to something you should have been doing anyway simply because there's a new year in town. But this year I feel like it's a bit necessary, especially given all the change that has occurred and all of the change I hope for in the future. So here goes:
  1. I resolve to be as helpful as my Twitter community. @grshane and @studlysergio helped me get Google Wave, @lzone showed me where to sign up to beta test Foursquare and countless other good things have happened because the people I follow and who follow me are just all around great about helping others out.
  2. I resolve to take a chance on someone else like @buildingbrands took a chance on me. It is a very big risk giving someone their first internship and I am eternally grateful for the guidance, work and experiences I received while there over the summer.
  3. I resolve to write more, even if it kills me and I think I don't have time.
  4. I resolve to ask more questions. I rely on Google far too much and asking questions allows others to share their knowledge with me.
  5. I resolve to take either an online or real class in finance and budgeting, because I suck at it.
Welp, that's where I'm starting for the new year. 2010 FTW!

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