Wednesday, April 28, 2010

PR Terminology - Say What?

Update: As I've moved from the fairly homogenous world of PR academia to the business world, I've learned some new terms that I feel could be important to a PR student's education. Some of these are interchangeable with terms we already use, and being able to connect the dots will really help as our industry moves towards closer integration (we use "convergence") with other industries. I continue to update this list as I hear/learn more. Newer terms are highlighted.

Hey, fellow students!

Have you ever talked to a PR pro and were enjoying the conversation, but got tripped up on shortened industry terms that they use frequently but you had never heard?

Well it has happened to me — often enough for me to write this post.

Now you may be thinking, "Who doesn't know what CEO means?" Well some of these I included to give an idea of the hierarchy of agency life, and some I legit didn't know. So here ya go!

AOR- Agency of record
AC- Account coordinator
AAE- Assistant account executive
AE- Account executive
Big Date - The wealth of analytics data marketers can now analyze and use to learn more about their audience
BRM- Brand Reputation Management
CCO- Chief Communications Officer
CD- Creative Director
CEO- Chief Executive Officer
CFO- Chief Financial Officer
CLO- Chief Legal Officer
CMO- Chief Marketing Officer
COO- Chief Operating Officer
Copy Editor- edits written pieces for grammar, spelling, syntax etc.
CPM- Cost per thousand (M=Roman Numeral)
DTC- Direct-to-consumer
Editor- Organizes articles, creates editorial calendar
EOD- End of day
Firedrill- "Drop everything" client request or project
Integration- How different strategies align
KPI- Key Performance Indicator
OOO- Out of office
ORM- Online reputation management
OTH- Opportunity to hear
PO- Purchase order
POV- point of view
RFP- Request for proposal
ROE- Return on engagement
ROI- Return on investment
SAE- Senior Account executive
SEO- Search engine optimization
SEM- Search engine marketing
SERM- Search engine reputation management
SMO- Social media optimization
SM/SoMe/SocMed- Social media
SOV- Share of voice
VNR- Video news release
VP- Vice-President

Thanks to everyone who helped with this and answered my questions!

If you have any more PR terms that you have picked up over your internship of early agency experience, write them in the comments and I'll update the post!

UPDATE: BOLD entries were added by @nicklucido post-post.

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