Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Update

I have GOT to update my LinkedIn.

--There, I made it real. --

In other news, I'm starting my capstone case study this week. It's sure to be a huge time commitment but there's no way around it, I have to graduate sometime. I've decided to do it on PRSA's Business Case for Public Relations, just because I'm way interested in how the organization representing the public relations industry would run a campaign with their members as (one of) their target audience(s).

So this is sure to be a tumultuous time in my life. But I'm in it to win it, I'll get it done.


UPDATE: I have updated my LinkedIn page. Click above and check it out, and if we're not connected, feel free to add me. Also, I didn't end up doing my case study on the Business Case, as I was informed that they haven't finished/begun measuring the effects of it yet. I will be keeping my eye on it though, and you should too, here: http://www.prsa.org/

My capstone was on the media relations done for the Rosa Parks Transit Center by Berg Muirhead in Detroit. I received an A. Special thanks to Jacqueline Robinson for answering my questions.

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