Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Answer To The Question...

It has been a while since I've done a personal post on this blog, so I'm going to do a short update on my life.

I know for friends and family it has been a bit confusing trying to keep up with all the movement I'm doing. So here's the skinny. I'm currently completing an internship for college credit (yup, unpaid) at SBC Advertising. This has so far been an amazing experience, in part because I'm getting my hands super dirty in tactical PR work. Carrie (works at SBC) and my mentor Ryan have been extremely helpful and nice, and they really are taking what I want to learn and shaping my internship around that. I've lucked out twice in that respect, internship wise.

But I'm also doing PR and social media for BounceFire. Now a lot of people have been like "what is a BounceFire?" Well that link is to the website, click "the fire is starting" and check it out. But it's been a great experience too, because I'm getting to put everything I''ve learned in school, online and at internships into real, live action. I started with our Twitter page, making it less salesy and more engaging. It has taken a lot, but the more we interact and build trust within our surrounding communities, the easier it is to communicate with that trust online. Next is the Facebook fan page. Basically I want to get it to where our online presence mirrors our real life actions...scary, I know.

While I'm doing all of this, I'm living in Columbus, Ohio. I've been really lucky to meet ome great people through PRSSA, and one of them, Leah Moon, helped me score an apartment that her brother, Jon, is staying in during his studies at OSU. He went home for the summer, so I'm subleasing there. (Yes Mom, I have food.) If you want my address to send me cookies and oatmeal creampies, shoot me an e-mail (evanerobertsATgmail) and I'll happily pass it to ya.

I'm also writing for a blog, called The Nest Great Generation (TNGG). This started a while back, during the school year, initially because I was reading TNGG almost everyday and wondering how this huge group of genius got together to form such an incredible community. Well one day they posted on Twitter that they needed more writers, and I was like "um, YES!" Well that was then, and now it's grown even more to be regular part of my interaction online. My TNGG peeps are hilarious, and smart to boot, and it's really easy be around them, even though I've never met most of them in real life. I'm hoping to do a trip out there (Boston) sometime soon, so keep your fingers crossed.

Welp, that's it in a nutshell. You know where to find me.


vox-popPRcareers said...

Marvellous, you sound very busy and focused!


Evan E. Roberts said...

Ha, I am! But busy is a way of life for us PR (soon-to-be) pros right? Thanks for commenting Kagem! :)