Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Intern to-do list

First day interning? Congrats! Here's your to-do list:

  1. Find out how to pronounce your mentor/supervisor's last name.
  2. Memorize your company e-mail address (if given one) and passwords
  3. Memorize your extension and office number
  4. Memorize the office address
  5. Meet and make friends with the IT guy
  6. Meet and make friends with the executive assistant/receptionist
  7. Set up your voicemail (if given voicemail)
  8. Organize your desk to your specifications
  9. If allowed, download Google Chrome
  10. Find tape
You probably don't need me to explain all of these, but my reasons might be a bit different from yours for doing these things. Obviously people's names are big deals to them. If you can't pronounce their name, it doesn't seem like you're paying attention, which is one of an interns most important tasks. So points 1, 5 and 6 all speak to relationship building and showing that you are attentive. Also, the IT guy and the receptionist may be the two most important people in the office for the tasks you have to complete. You want to be pals.

Memorizing the address, your e-mail address, phone extension and office number are all really important ways to idiot-proof you first few days. How do I know? Because I didn't do this and it cost me. I had to admit on a call that "yes, I'm an intern,"which I think is a phrase that marks failure. You don't want to seem any different from the employees. You want to blend in, seem like a natural extension  of their team.

Download Google Chrome because right now it's the fastest Web browser. If they don't allow you to download your own browser, that's OK, but if they do, you should do it. You're going to need to multi-task and to be the fastest person in the office when doing research. Chrome is your enabler. Plus you can customize the theme to make it easy on the eyes and fun to look at all day. I use Florencio Zavala. The same thing kind of goes for your desk. You want to be able to find things quickly and also to be able to look at your desk all day since it's likely you'll be there all day, so keep an organized space. I'm the King of messy desks, so that's always the first thing I do when I get in.

And last but certainly not least, find tape. You'll always need it, and you'll never be able to find it when you do. Trust me. :)

Anything I forget? Add it in the comments!


vox-popPRcareers said...

I would also add arrive on time as being critical.

People who don't arrive to work on time look like they are not serious about the day ahead.

Be punctual and everything falls in place!

Kagem Tibaijuka
Founder of vox-popPRcareers

Evan E. Roberts said...

That's a great add on Kagem, I always forget that one, partially because I struggle with it the most. But you're dead-on, being on time makes you look prepared.

Thanks for the comment!