Sunday, September 19, 2010

Something Edgy

Yesterday my friend Danielle from PRSSA tweeted:
When is @kionsanders going to tweet something edgy? @erob1? @TiffanyRiggs lol heheSun Sep 19 07:35:59 via web

While this is an innocent statement at first glance, it kind of got me thinking. Why don't I tweet anything "edgy?" It's not like I'm exactly boring in my tweets - exhibit A:
OH: "Have you ever heard of Engagement Ohio? It's in between Dayton and Marion" smh #imsorrySun Sep 19 05:24:07 via Good Mobile Social Networking
and I'm certainly not boring in real life. I say all kinds of things in everyday conversation that are certainly interesting, if not wholly edgy, and that might even be described as downright ridiculous. So why not "let it all hang out" online?

This is a difficult question.

On the one hand, I like you a lot, and want to get to know you more. You're hilarious. We have things in common. I want to help you with your various projects, and love having your help with mine. We're a good team.

But on the other, I've likely never met you in person. And even if I had, I wouldn't want you to have a bad impression of me from taking something I've tweeted out of context. Since tweets are only 140 characters, entire lines of thought are difficult to express. Usually (for me anyway) what is actually sent to Twitter is the conclusion of a train of thought, a snippet of a conversation, or a question from where my thought process trailed off or became stuck. And usually there are other things behind what is being put on Twitter, other driving factors or points I'm trying to make that affect what actually gets said and how it is said. That isn't really including @replies and DMs.

Also, are you really getting to know me better by reading my tweets, even if I put on full display my pension for ridiculousness? Lauren Fernandez does an incredible job of addressing a similar issue when she talks about making a "social impression." There's so much you don't yet know about me, so it might be too much to assume you'll immediately find my sense of humor endearing. Plus, I have decided to use Twitter to connect professionally as well as personally, and with that comes my responsibility to the company I work for and the organizations I represent.

So I guess that's the "why" I don't really tweet edgetastic things. Like one of my good friends says "Whether they respond or not, people always read what you tweet."

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