Sunday, August 28, 2011

How To Blog

Update: Who am I to talk? I who have published a total of 8 posts in a year. I think this kind of conundrum is one I'm not tormented with alone. That of dispensing advice and failing to live by it or to even effectively carry it out. I would love to say I try. I would be lying.

Fight on.
Sit down, and write.


Hiroki Murakami said...

Sup Evan,

@hnmurakami, community manager at TNGG here. Ever considered recycling your TNGG posts onto your blog? I usually just repost some of my TNGG articles onto my own blog a week after they go live or so.

You can see what I did here:

It's a way to get some extra content and inbound links onto your site.

- Hiroki

Evan E. Roberts said...

Hey Hiroki,

On TNGG, I wrote about race, fashion and my love for Mad Men, from a millennial perspective. While I am proud of (most of) those posts, they don't really fit the mold for what I'm trying to do here, and I'm not really the publish for the sake of publishing type. Even this post, minimalistic though it may be, is written out of the effort I'm taking to create a content calendar for this blog for the future, so I can post more frequently and on topic.

I'm not so much worried about link love and generating content, as I am the quality of it.

Thanks for the suggestion though! Hope all is well and Happy New Year.