Thursday, February 2, 2012

My New Twitter Background a.k.a. Linklove

I've been meaning to brush up on my Photoshop skills and my all white Twitter background provided the perfect opportunity to do so. I'm no designer by any stretch of the imagination, but I can follow a tutorial as well as the next person.

I love these pajama pants!

I used this tutorial: with the template from  and the social media icons are from the genius of @alexpeattie and can be found here:

The texture is from the concrete walkway outside of my apartment. I used this picture, taken this morning and was going to use it with my legs in the photo cause I like my pajama pants (Christmas gift from my lovely Aunts!) but decided it would be odd for the few people using Twitter web to visit my profile and suddenly appear to be between my legs. 

And of COURSE my twitter avatar was created by the amazing @wendylyng who I can't wait to see again!

Let me know what you think of the final product.