Tuesday, July 24, 2012

10 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

I'm a big fan of Gini Dietrich's Spin Sucks blog. Her latest post talks about the 10 things she wants to do before she dies, and it's a great list.

I hadn't planned on doing a blog post today, but this seemed like a great little meme to participate in so here goes!

  1. Achieve Sommelier certification
    • There are only 200 or so in the WORLD! I'd love to have the time to really put toward my studies ;)
  2. Complete a drop-in on a skateboard
    • I used to do some light aggressive in-line skating as a kid, and always admired the skateboarders. I've never been good at skateboarding, so being able to do a real drop-in without dying would be huge!
  3. Publish a song or write a popular song
    • I've been writing songs since my junior year of high school (actually before that with my nutty sibs). I hope one day I can pen something true and catchy, but not necessarily pop. I'd like it to have some depth but you never know what people latch on to. 
  4. Live on the same street as my siblings
    • This has always been a dream of mine. Being able to go down the street and kick it with my brothers and sisters would be epic, especially if we all had a lot of kids (3 max for me!)
  5. Climb to the top of Camelback Mountain
    • Last summer I made it halfway. This year I want to reach the top, bees, snakes and lung capacity allowing.
  6. Drive a Koenigsegg on the autobahn
    • I've been lightweight obsessed with Koenigsegg's cars since seeing them on TV years ago. I hope one day I can either afford one or know someone who wouldn't mind me test driving it a little bit hehe.
  7. Own a Keith Haring original, preferably this one
    • He was an amazing artist. R.I.P.
  8. Help the homeless in the U.S.
    • This one's something I think about often, especially when visiting a new city. Lots of people do work in other nations and that's great, but my heart is really for the U.S. and our citizens. I hope one day to be able to effect real change in this area of American life.
  9. Beat Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    • Sticks in my craw to this day that I haven't gotten past Morpha on my own. Lame, I know.
  10. Beat @sjhalestorm in Words With Friends by 100 points or more!

Well, that's my list. How about you? What are 10 things you would like to do before you die?


Gini Dietrich said...

Several years ago I started to get my sommelier certification and then life got in the way. So I love that one!! I also love #10. That made me LOL!

Evan E. Roberts said...

Wow, I knew I looked up to you for a good reason! I haven't started but I plan to by next summer, after I figure out all the certification requirements. If you have any tips, I'd love to hear them!

And yea, #10 has been a recently established goal (see tweet: https://twitter.com/erob1/status/226795293293817856)

He's quite the wordsmith!

Thanks for commenting Gini!

Tanya said...

Ciao Evan!

Love ❤ your list. How are you doing with the remaining 9 items?

Tanya said...

Ciao Evan!

Love ❤ your list. How are you doing with the remaining 9 items?