Thursday, September 27, 2012

The New Period

Exciting News: I recently learned that I will be the new Web & Social Media coordinator for Phoenix Art Museum, starting October 1st!

Check out @phxart!
There are so many things going through my mind at this moment. I cannot wait to get started!

Phoenix Art Museum is an amazing place, with galleries galore and large conference rooms for events, and a vision for enriching the lives of people at any stage of life, through a connection to great art. That's something I can really get behind, and I'm proud to be a part of the team.

So many people have helped me get to this point, and I would be lame not to acknowledge their love and support. Thank you sincerely to all of my family, friends, Creative Priority (you know who you are), and mentors who have been there for me - encouraging me, pushing me not to give up and even proofreading when I was freaking out about the wording of an email.

I could not do anything, would not be anywhere, without you.

I'm looking forward to the growth and challenges that lie ahead!

P.S. I have a new pet friend...

Art is not a crime!

This will be a great adventure!