Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Opposite of Midas by Evan E. Roberts

So hello there.

I'm back. Sort of. I mean I want to be back. I want to blog more, really delve into what I'm doing and thinking and share my life with the world.

Part of me is like "Ain't nothing to it but to do it!"

Another part is like "But we have sooooooo much catching up to do!"

Still a third part is like "Please, quit talking to yourself."

And that second part replies "If Percival can do it, so can I."

So I'll cater to all three and catch up a little bit. When we last spoke, I was wondering where to put my writings now that Posterous is donezo. Well, the vote listed three available spaces online and the winner of that vote was Facebook notes. But I've decided that I'm going to post them here, for three reasons:

  1. That post had 36 total pageviews. In order to do a true vote the number of those voting have to make up a quorum or majority of the available constituency. 1 out of 36 ain't a quorum, so the vote is hereby dismissed. 
  2. No one uses Facebook notes anymore.
  3. I do what I want and I want to post it here.
So we'll start with a short story that I finished around this time last year, and submitted to a short story competition which I didn't win. Don't worry, I'm not bitter or anything haha. 

I just think that if I have completed work, I should put it out there. I came up with the idea back when I was living in Scottsdale (Central Phoenix now, w00t!) and sitting in my back yard watching the oranges on our orange tree and seeing if they were ripe enough to eat. I got to thinking about that phrase "it's like comparing apples to oranges" and how an apple isn't really the opposite of an orange. Then I wondered, what is the exact opposite of an orange? (Still no answer but I'm working on it)
Nope, not ripe yet!
Then I thought about the opposites of other things, finally landing on King Midas and his magic touch to turn things into gold. I thought the idea of the opposite of a gold touch was intriguing, so I decided to explore it in a form of narrative that held my attention. Hence, a short story.

It's called The Opposite of Midas. Enjoy!

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