Thursday, July 17, 2014

This May Be the Coolest Thing to Happen To Me All Week.

Last night, I got this tweet.
Now there are a lot of things that make this tweet cool. To start, here we have an artist responding to a tweet about a customer showing off their work. He's proud to have made it! The purchaser is glad he bought it!

But for me, I'm glad to get to see an integrated marketing plan come together. You see, marketing was never meant to be a stand alone thing. It's part digital, yes, but another part of it is very real. Like knowing who your audience is, and that they like things like costumes from movies. Then tying cool things like super dope posters into a costume exhibition because they're fun, and carrying those posters in your store. Or making it easy to buy those posters, and telling people about it.

Now I don't know that @ZacAtherton bought those posters because he saw that email, or because I cat-shamed him into coming to see the exhibition (hmm, maybe that's where better data would come in)
but I do know he visited the museum and he had a great time, and even took himself home a coupla cool souvenirs.

It's not all about what's done online, although I'm proud of that work too. But integrated marketing is about the entire experience, and making that experience about something bigger than just your product. It's creating a connection with someone through their passion, bringing what's cool in their world to life. And it's about being there to share in their excitement. When you do things that way, everyone wins. The patron wins because he got to see a cool show and take home some fine work. The artist wins because he sold some fine work and connected with a fan. And we win because he made that connection at Phoenix Art Museum.

Seeing that in action might be the coolest thing that's happened to me all week.