Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mile Marker: 2

Today marks the second anniversary of my start at Phoenix Art Museum. 33 exhibitions and counting and I'm still learning each day. Which for me is great, because that's exactly what I want to be doing.

I want to be getting my hands dirty, on the front lines and feeling the winds of change as they rustle up a dust devil. I want to be helping. I am, I think. I can't say everything has been easy, some stuff has been truly hard. But everything that has happened over the past two years has built a foundation for future success, and made steering the museum toward it's pending digital future a little easier. We're marketing smarter than ever before, and it's really only going to get better. There's still a lot of work to be done, and some tough issues to suss out, but I feel like things are headed in the right direction.

No one can make change alone. I have an incredibly supportive supervisor. I work with people whom I can respect and look up to. Smart, intuitive, passionate people. I get to talk about where we can push boundaries and how to solve problems, and people listen. Occasionally anyway. Still, that's more than a lot of people my age can say about their gigs. Many are still trying to earn their employer's trust. I'm trying to keep it.

I don't normally write so candidly about any place where I work, but I feel like something truly special is coming for us and I'm excited by the internal discussions we've had about reaching the right audiences, improving our focus and giving Phoenix more reasons to be proud. I like that I can share that enthusiasm with you here. Woo hoo!!

Seriously though, being at a museum has opened my eyes to a different kind of work, one where you see the results every time someone takes a #MuseumSelfie or the doors open. They say millennials are driven to work by fulfillment, not finances. Well I've certainly found fulfilling work.

Two years.